Bird's Hollow Beef farm is nestled among the Finger Lakes in western New York State within the township of Gorham. Our family farm of 140 acres is centrally located between Canandaigua, Seneca and Keuka Lakes. The farm is owned and operated by David & Candice Eldredge who are now pursuing a long time desire of naturally farming their land and raising natural grassfed beef and meadow veal.

David acquired the farm in 1969 from his Grandfather & Grandmother Bird who purchased the land in 1918 after arriving on the Mauretania from England. The farm's name is derived from David's grandparent's name and the creek hollow that runs through the property.

At Bird's Hollow, we believe in treating our animals humanely with a kind and caring attitude. It is our belief and mission that our cattle will be raised naturally on pasture, just the way nature intended! All of our cattle are born and raised on our own pastures. Our beef is 100% natural with no hormones, no implants, no antibiotics, no grain, no animal by-products and no confinement. Our cattle graze on God's given grass while enjoying the freedom to roam on pasture. All of our cropland is planted to the finest grass, legumes and forbs. In the spring, summer and fall the land looks like a green haven encompassing our cattle grazing peacefully in a natural habitat. It is our belief the best way to farm is to have a close personal relationship with nature.


Birds Hollow Beef
David & Candice Eldredge
5150 W Swamp Rd
Stanley, NY 14561-9759
(585) 880-8809

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