“Pasture raised beef based on natural grass farming to benefit the health of our land, our animals and provide a healthy food choice”


At Bird’s Hollow Beef, all of our cattle are born and raised on our own pastures.  Our herd of mother cows is purebred Whiteface Herefords and our bull is a purebred Black Angus with the cross resulting in Black Baldies.  In addition, we have straight Whiteface Hereford calves all that do very well growing and finishing on pasture grass to produce quality beef.  Both the Whiteface Hereford and Black Angus are English breeds which are hardy and suitable for pasture rearing and grass finishing. 

Cattle are ruminant animals and are intended to eat grass.  Our practice at Bird’s Hollow Beef is to allow our cattle access to pasture year around with no confinement.  We start rotationally grazing with the spring green-up of grass in early May and the rotational grazing season extends until the grass stops growing in late fall.   During the winter months the cattle enjoy grazing the stockpiled grass on pasture and have free access to harvested baleage.  Our cattle are never confined and are raised from birth to harvest on 100% grass with non GMO grass, no grain, no implants, no growth hormones, no fed antibiotics and no animal by-products.  All of our 140 acres of farm are planted to grass with no herbicides or pesticides applied to our fields.  All of this provides for healthier soil, healthier cattle and a healthier planet.

Our whole herd of cattle; which entails cow and calf, yearling calf and two year old finisher stay together in one herd from birth to harvest on pasture.  The only exception is a 10 week breeding season when we reacquaint the bulls with the cows.  We also practice a natural weaning and let mama cow wean her own calf the following spring. 

From birth it takes approximately 27-28 months of grass grazing before the beef is considered truly finished.  Enabling the cattle to take their own sweet natural time to grow and fatten before harvest is an important step to ensure quality beef.  Another vitally important factor influencing the quality of grassfed beef is always providing high quality, high energy grass. 

We sell individual cuts of beef by the pound at Red Jacket Orchards and also from our home freezer.  We are also accepting orders for Sides of Beef.


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